Connect all your offices securely and strongly using our fiber infrastructure

Creating Stronger Networks with The Power of Fibre Optics

Intranet Features


This is a highly secure connection since it is a private link between your companies. This ensures the best security with respect to malicious traffic over the internet.

Save Cost on Network Components

Single WAN, centralized network devices, and better infra management not only improves the network efficiency but also optimizes cost.

Symmetric Bandwidth

A point to point link connection ensures the same upload and download speed which is perfect for business applications like voice and video, file transfer applications, content sharing, etc.

Faster Data Transfer

Symmetric and dedicated point to point link enables the fastest data transfer between companies.

Ultra-Low Latency

Point to point link is an uncontended link, thereby ensuring minimal latency, allowing you to access applications in real-time.

Reliable Data Back-Up

It is a dedicated link that is best suited for transferring or backing up large data files across organizations.

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