Internet Leased Line

Internet Leased Line

Quick Implementation

Our deliveries happen within 7 days, which is fastest in the industry

Route Optimization

We can optimize the routing to provide the best latency anywhere across the globe

Service Guarantee

Our service guarantee is 99% uptime, failing which we provide service credits to clients

Hosting / Static IPs

We provide you static IPs as an IPv4 , IPv6 or dual stack based on your requirement, for hosting your own servers in-house

Symmetric Bandwidth

Download and upload bandwidth (speed) are the same, even when used simultaneously

Wireless Auto-Failover

Incase of a failure in your primary fiber ring, there is an auto-failover through our wireless RF last mile to ensure maximum uptime through an alternate medium

Advertise IPs

Our network is compatible to advertise your IP pool via BGP

Bandwidth on Demand

Scalability of bandwidth is immediate with minimal processing time. This can be permanent, scheduled or even temporary

Limitless Data Transmission

There are no FUPs (Fair Usage Policy), you can download or upload any amount of data using the bandwidth that you have subscribed

Customer Care

Our in-house customer care team monitors the links 24*7, and responds immediately even before the customers are aware. Remote and onsite support are extended anytime based on nature of concern raised

Stay Connected with Laya Network

250+ Channels

Speed Seamless

4K & 8K Quality

Flexible Tariff Plans

Fast Support 24/7

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